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Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait

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Show love for your pet by having their portrait as a light that’s completely customized for you. There are no two are alike since we base it off your uploaded photo and you choose the text to engrave.

Each is hand-drawn but engraved and cut with a laser cutter. We combine a touch of real human design with the preciseness of an industrial machine.

Standing at 7-inches tall, this is the perfect size for your desk or bookshelf.

Lit by hidden LED lights, this night light will never get overheated or hot to the touch.

Every color you see in the picture gallery (plus more) is available all in one light.

You can easily switch among colors, activate transition modes, adjust brightness, and turn it off/on with the free remote we provide with each order.

We want to make this light fit into your life as conveniently as possible and with the remote you can just sit back and relax when you want to adjust your light.

With production based in the US, you can expect your night light to arrive at your doorstep in < 1 week.

We are not a dropshipping company. You are ordering directly from the manufacturer, so there are no middleman costs built-in.

Every single order is created and shipped in our US-based office, so you will get the fastest delivery time possible.

Buy it now, get it in less than a week.



🕹 Remote control powered with infrared

🌈 Change to 16 different colors with color transitions: flash, strobe, fade, smooth

🎚 Can increase and lower brightness

✍️ Each is hand-drawn but engraved and cut with a laser cutter

🫵 Each light is completely customized for you. No two are alike.

📦 Arrives in <1 week for US orders

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